The 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholder

Statement of Financial position (Published on 10 May 2024)
Procedures for Proposing Agenda Items for 2024 AGM and Nomination of Directors
2023 Performance Summary
Date Time and Venue
Wednesday April 10, 2024 at 13.30 hours
Electronic meeting
Record Date : March 12, 2024


Minutes of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Invitation to the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Enclosures : 2. Profiles of directors retiring by rotation who are nominated to be re-elected as directors for another term or nominated to be elected to replace retiring director
Enclosures : 3. Profiles of the proposed auditors for the year 2024
Enclosures : 4. The Restructuring of the Company’s subsidiaries
Enclosures : 5. Information of Independent Directors proposed for Appointment as Proxy
Enclosures : 6. Proxy Form A and B and C
Proxy Form A
Proxy Form b
Proxy Form C
Enclosures : 7. Rules for registration, proxy, and attendance at the Shareholders’ Meeting
Enclosures : 8. Explanation regarding Proxy Forms for the Shareholders’ Meeting and Proxy Forms consistent with the Notice of the Department of Business Development Regarding Prescription of Form of Proxy (No. 5) B.E. 2550
Enclosures : 9. Articles of Association of the Company relating to the General Meeting of Shareholders
Enclosures : 10. Request Form for the Annual Registration Statement / Annual Report 2023 (Form 56-1 One Report), in hard copy
Enclosures : 11. Rules for registration, proxy and attending the Shareholders’ Meeting Only Via Electronic Means provided by Digital Access Platform Co., Ltd (DAP)
Enclosures : 12. Privacy Notice

Shareholders can request for hard copy of proxy by contacting email